A selection of brand identities I took care.

Bel&Co - Brand idemtity Bellandi S.p.A. - Brand idemtity Typeverywhere - Brand idemtity one o' clock - Brand idemtity Fattelo! - Brand idemtity Marta Moglie freelance translator - Brand idemtity

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Instead of static images I prefer to let you directly enjoy the websites.

Design and development. Design and development. Design and development. Design and development. Development. Design and development.

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Freelance Designer & Developer acting on Brand Identity and Digital Products.

Focused on User Experience, my aim is helping companies to understand and develop their values in order to improve their business.

I always look forward for new business opportunity driven by my core philosophy "relevant and intelligent design, that convey great value and sense".

I believe that knowledge is power, this is the reason why I like to teach and make workshops and seminar focused on design topics.

Curator of Typeverywhere and co-founder of Fattelo!, an opensource and collaborative design project.

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I'm based in Berlin and I can collaborate with people and companies located all around the world.

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