These are some case studies of my works, you can find more on Behance.

Hono Sans

  • 2012 •
  • Type design
Hono Sans poster
Hono Sans text

This typeface is a tribute to linear generation, on which I worked with my colleagues Simone Iocco, Claudio Fina, Emanuele Serra and Marino Bressan.

Designing Hono Sans on fontlab
Designing Hono Sans on fontlab
Hono Sans sketches


“Knowledge is power”

I love to spread the knowledge around the world and to teach and speak about my passions to help people improve and learn new things.

WordCamp 2013 09 Feb.2013 @ Bologna (ITA)

I’m a freelance designer and co-founder of Fattelo!

I’m focused on UI&web design, branding and typography.

I believe in spreading value all around the world collaborating with glocal realities to help them convey their value.

I'm used to slow down for listen, observe and act with a goal while maintaining attention to detail and quest for simplicity.

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I'm based in Berlin and I can freely collaborate with people and companies located all around the world.
I only check and reply to emails at 1PM and 5PM
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