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Hono Sans

  • 2012 •
  • Type design
Hono Sans poster
Hono Sans text

This typeface is a tribute to linear generation, on which I worked with my colleagues Simone Iocco, Claudio Fina, Emanuele Serra and Marino Bressan.

Designing Hono Sans on fontlab
Designing Hono Sans on fontlab
Hono Sans sketches


Freelance Design & Development Consultant acting on Brand Identity and Digital Products.

Focused on User Experience, my aim is helping companies to understand and develop their values in order to improve their business.

Co-founder of Fattelo!, I always look forward for new business opportunity driven by my core philosophy "relevant and intelligent design, that convey great value and sense".

I believe that knowledge is power, this is the reason why I like to teach and make workshops and seminar focused on design topics.

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I'm based in Berlin and I can collaborate with people and companies located all around the world.

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